The Best Part of the Road Trip

Ah, the road trip. The word alone just rings out with the American spirit of independence, adventure and freedom. A road trip is a vacation that can be planned out for months ahead or thought of an hour before hopping in the car and hitting the open road.

There are many reasons why travelers decide to take a road trip. For some with larger families, a road trip can be much more economical than flying. For others, nothing beats getting out a good old road map and plotting where to go. There are several major reasons why taking a road trip is such an awesome adventure. One popular reason is that the road trip provides the excitement of seeing what’s around the corner. For the spontaneous road tripper, a car ride to wherever the road takes you will lead to many surprises along the way.

Even for the meticulous planner, the sights and sounds of the open road provide a sense of newness and anticipation. Another important reason that stems from a road trip is family time. At what other time can everyone in the family be in close quarters and still have the feeling of freedom and fun. Being on the road together presents time to talk, catch up, laugh and learn. With everyone getting busier and busier these days, a road trip can be just what the family needs to unwind and reconnect. When traveling, most road trippers have a destination in mind and this is all part of the fun. While it’s exciting to see everything along the way, it’s also a great sense of accomplishment to get to your destination. This is yet another reason why road trippers enjoy driving on their trips.

A huge part of taking a road trip is the food you get to eat along the way. I have a slight inkling that most road trips today don’t exactly entail bags and bags of mom’s pre-made lunch sandwiches and apples as my memory of the road trip often did. These days, hard core foodies and hungry travelers alike are exploring and enjoying the wonderful mix of food that can be found around the country. Road food consists of eating local specialties that are both inexpensive and delicious. So from eating deep fried cheese curds in Wisconsin to a bowl of clam chowder in New England, the choices t