The Ladder Of Life

Picture with me a ladder,Guest Posting a straight ladder with no supports. Not a stepladder or an extension ladder but the type you would lean up against the house to climb up on the roof. Picture it as long as your imagination will allow you. Let the bottom of the ladder represent your birth into this world and the very top of the ladder represent your departure from it.

Stand this ladder in an upright position for it is going to represent all your life from start to finish. If you picture long life for yourself, see the ladder extending to a great height, even out of sight, it goes so high.

Now how is this ladder supported? It is supported by standing it on solid ground. The solid ground represents, among other things, faith, integrity and truth. Remember the ladder represents you. Let it represent you well after your departure. If people have nothing to say about you after your departure, then perhaps you didn’t do all you could have. Let the foundation for your ladder come from a solid philosophy about life. Let it be the philosophy of a winner. Let it be the philosophy of one who has experienced both winning and loosing for life is a mixture of up and down. You cannot expect to win at all things but you can expect to receive all that life has to offer if you will take the good with the bad, mix them together, knowing that all things work together for good and hopefully your life will make a statement in your philosophy that there was more good than bad.

Let the rungs represent your successes. You can picture as many rungs as you want on this ladder because it is your ladder. You and you alone are responsible for it. Let the rungs also represent your failures for there will be many throughout your lifetime. As you venture deeper into life, years having passed by, you can look back and hopefully the success/failure ratio will b