This Dutch Oven Does Not Leach Toxins Into Your Food

Who likes to cook food that gives a metallic aftertaste? Not me. I choose my ingredients carefully and spend my hard-earned money on getting the right kinds of food to provide a balanced diet to my family. I certainly would not want to taste metal in my food. Neither should you!

While choosing a frequently used cookware like a Dutch Oven, one should choose a safe and non-toxic option so the food doesn’t taste like metals after cooking in it.

How Do These Metals Get Into Food?

Most conventional Dutch Ovens use metals or ceramics for raw material – which are pretty convenient to make and sell but are unfit for cooking. All metals are reactive – it’s their innate property. At cooking temperature, the metals react with the nutrients in food (a biochemical entity) and form toxic compounds. This not only reduces the nutritional value of food but also contaminate it.

Ceramics and glazes are full of chemicals that contain metal oxides – they leach metals just like metal cookware does.

How Does This Toxic Food Affect You?

When you eat this toxic food regularly, the metals start accumulating in the body tissues, organs and blood to form the foundation for weak immune system and sickness. Ever heard of someone getting sick while living a healthy lifestyle and eating healthy homemade food? – These toxins contribute to it. The body can, however, cleanse these toxi