Twitter For Business – Tweeting Your Way to More Money

Twitter is a relatively new social networking site. Like Facebook, it employs the use of status updates. What sets it apart is the use of text messaging in order to send out the messages. As the messages are restricted to being only one-hundred forty characters in length, they are short and to the point. A good way to utilize this new form of communication is to use Twitter for business.

Twitter can be used in a myriad of ways in order to:

1. Cut down on marketing costs
2. Reach a targeted audience
3. Interact with clients and respond to their needs
4. Expand potential client base through referrals
5. Amass unsolicited testimonials
6. Reduce time and energy spent on ineffective marketing techniques
7. Alert the public to company, product, and service updates
8. Interact with potential and existing customers
9. Run dynamic marketing campaigns, including contests and special offers.
10. Personify your business so there is a “face” behind the website or company.

As it is a free tool, using Twitter for business essentially allows you to run frequent and customizable marketing campaigns at no cost. The more updates, the more often the public is reminded of your company and directed towards your website, generating more web traffic and thus more paying customers. There is no need for cold-calling, mass mailings, or e-mail blasts that are intended to reach thousands, but, in reality, bring in very few clients.

Using Twitter for business narrows the audience down to those who are truly interested in your company and what it has to offer. This targeted audience can now communicate, both directly and indirectly, their growing needs. Additionally, their comments on your business result in word of mouth advertising that reaches their entire social network. The people receiving this information, if interested, can now join your network directly. You can now communicate with this new expanded audience and keep them informed of new products and changes to the company.

Another way that Twitter can effectively market your business is by allowing you to customize and vary your content as often as you would like. Contests, promotions and running multiple, varied campaigns are great marketing tools. But the cost of producing and publishing these is prohibitive. Twitter allows you to constantly change, refresh, and adapt your im