Uncovering the Seven Search Engine Ranking Myths

Incredibly powerful, yet holding many secrets is the concept of SEO. Some tell us to do one thing for being fully optimized, while others stop us from the same. What is the real truth about Search Engines and their processes of ranking? Read and find out.


There is a great deal of SEO buzz we come across every day. So many myths, so much confusion-we have found out the top 7 myths of SEO and the true facts about them, here they are:

Myth#1-Meta tags rule the search engines

The philosophy states Meta tags being the top factor in search engine rankings. Wrong! In fact many of the search engines, particularly Google pays no heed to the Meta tags. Simply popping keywords in the Meta tag will not help list your site for that keyword. So forget about this Meta tag hype and concentrate on the other aspects of raising your rankings.

Myth#2-bad links to your site are harmful

A general myth is that you get bad links, and your site is doomed! If so, everyone would leave their own ranking and start concentrating on how to link each and every rotten link to their competitors’ site. Links to unnecessary sites may irritate the visitors, but certainly not th