What Is A Digital Agency?

The range of different agencies that are around to help a business with their online presence can be a little bewildering. From website designers through to internet marketers. So what might you expect a Digital Agency to offer to make it stand out from a website designer or developer.


A digital agency is more likely to offer a more creative solution to an online problem. You might approach a website design company if you want a pretty website. Someone that brands themselves as a website developer is great for a dynamic website that does some data processing, such as an ecommerce site. You might approach a Content Management System (CMS) agency if you want to be able to update your own website regularly.

If you are trying to create something a bit more inspirational you might want to start considering agencies that brand themselves as “Creative” or “Digital”. These agencies may specialise in areas such as smart phone App creation or online games. They will almost certainly provide website design and development, hosting, database support, Content Management solutions and ecommerce. They may also go on to help marketing of the website.

So how do you choose? If you are after an off the shelf solution, it may well be best to approach a CMS company. If you want someone else to create a website for you, it may be best to search for a web designer. If you are looking for a little bit more from your agency and want some special, bespoke development, then a digital agency is more likely to be what you are looking for.

A final consideration for most people will be to consider where the agency is based. The internet is