What Is the Scope and Existing Trend of E-Learning?

With the increasing accessibility to Internet among the masses, online education has been embraced by numerous educational institutions, schools and colleges worldwide. If we talk about intervention of electronic learning in a learner’s formative years of education, then K12 learning services cater to learning requirements of students at school level.


What makes e-learning a success? Well, online learning explores a dozens of e-learning technologies like electronic books, simulations, pod casting, wikis, blogs etc. How this aspect of employing an array of online technologies into learning enhances its scope? Let’s find out what facts and figures have to say regarding existing trends and scope of e-learning.

A study of the existing trend in e-learning

A recent survey in United States revealed that more than 2.35 million students enrolled themselves for various online programs. The survey also concluded that online education is becoming an integral part of many educational institutions. Given to the rapid growth and demand of myriad online programs, it has become imperative for secondary and post-secondary institutes to provide quality online education.

The survey also focused to gauge the academic excellence rate of online education in comparison with traditional classroom scenario. The results came out to be staggering, wherein the higher success rate was into online education’s account. Given to its economic reason ability and reach across the demographic platforms, the exposure and quality of knowledge imparted by online programs is rich and wholesome.