What you Should Know Before Registering a Domain Name

The domain name or website name is the first element of a website people come in to contact with when visiting your website. When your site shows up on SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages) or as a link on another site,What you Should Know Before Registering a Domain Name Articles the domain name provides people some level of information as to what your site is about, or at least it should. When you advertise your website VIA news print, brochures, sales copy or other printed material your domain name is a prominent component of the material and should be descriptive of your subject.








If your domain name is irrelevant or misleading, you will quickly alienate your visitors. Another way to sour a potential visitor is to have a long or difficult to remember domain name. A successful domain name will be easy to spell, easy to remember, relevant, short as possible and if possible one of your main SEO keywords or key phrases.

Choose a Good Domain NameBefore you develop a website it’s imperative that you find a domain name or website name that’s appropriate for your business. Sometimes this is done with relative ease, and other times it can be quite difficult. You see the internet now contains billions of websites and each one of those websites have a domain name. Chances are that perfect website name you’ve been dreaming of is already taken.

If you find that the name you would like to have for your site is already taken don’t get too discouraged. Fortunately there are other possible names that are just as good. Make a list of relevant words that are either descriptive of your business name