Where To Get Souvenirs From the Lion City

When visiting a country, tourists usually make sure that they grab souvenirs as their giveaways to friend or for keepsakes. When going to a country, you should make a little research first about the place and the country’s icon. Like when you are visiting Singapore, it is a common knowledge about the merlion icon and its national flower Vanda Miss Joaquim, a kind of orchid.


Souvenirs that you can see around can be cheap or expensive authentic choices. So decide which one you are going to get. Aside from the two prominent symbols of the country, there are other cultures that settle in the country since the population is comprised of mainly Chinese, Mayas, Indians and Eurasians.

One can get Chinese souvenirs, Paranakan, Nyoya or Indian souvenirs. If you choose Chinese, Paranakan, Nyoya souvenirs, you can conveniently get them in Chinatown while Indian souvenirs are teeming in Little India. You can buy souvenirs almost everywhere in Singapore. Tourist attractions like Singapore Flyer, Singapore Zoological Gardens, Jurong Bird Park and Sentosa are few places you can pleasurably explore at the same time get some souvenirs.

It would be great also if you spend a day to find and shop for souvenirs so that you can compare prices and do some haggling if allowed. Chinatown is a good place to find cheap Singapore souvenirs and if you are intending to buy in bulk. But this cheap option may give you items that quality is compromised. Singapore Mint is a good place to get authentic souvenir and being sure that you are not get cheated. In this place you can get orchids and merlion souvenirs which you can resell at a higher price once these souvenirs are out of production.

Singapore pressed pennies are good souvenirs also. Singapore’s first and only pressed penny machine is found in Suntec City Mall. This souvenir items are good for coin collectors and there are four different unique designs that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. You can manipulate the machine yourself and can be an exciting activity for you and your friends.

So if you are planning to go to Singapore and wondering where to get unique and exquisite souvenirs, then take time to roam around and explore different shops around the city. Other places where you can get souvenirs include major department stores, shops and hotel shopping arcades. Little India is a good place not only to get souvenirs but to have a l