Who Are the Top 5 Silver Commentators?

Guru does advocate gold investment but when it comes to a monetary system believes that ‘when both metals or even three – gold, silver, and copper – are used in free-market relationships with each other, the people enjoy stability and liberty.’








David Morgan be found carrying out interviews as often he is giving them, his website keeps up-to-date with all of his latest interviews and commentary and you can find them on his YouTube channel. Whilst much of his commentary is on a subscription basis he frequently appears in various interviews for Max Keiser and financial media outlets.

On a personal note, Mr Morgan was one of the first people I met in this space and was exceptionally supportive in helping me to understand gold, silver and sound money. I can therefore vouch for the fact that he is an excellent teacher for those new to precious metals.

Dr Jeff Lewis

A medical doctor, Dr Jeffrey Lewis writes for, edits and runs silver-coin-investor.com He’s not particularly active on Twitter, he does have 14.2k followers but hasn’t tweeted since January. However he was a popular choice for those who answered my calls on Twitter for top silver investors.

Dr Lewis writes on a variety of matters regarding silver and he is one of the most regular contributors to silverseek.com. Perhaps more wide-ranging than those featured later down the list Dr Lewis’ commentary ranges from silver’s role as a monetary metal, its industrial demand to how to judge the value of the precious metal clearly.