Wii – Sims 3

So, we finally have Sims 3 on the Wii. It’s taken EA long enough, but at least we have it now, and it’s quite different. Yes, all the usual functionality is there and you can customize your Sim as much as you like in terms of character, looks, dress etc, but there is now multi-player mode, a host of new features and settings. Whilst it was a bit of a shock initially I think all Sims fans should take a look.

The first thing I will say is that Wii Sims 3 is subtly different from the PC versions. It’s got a lot of new functionality and is much more “multi-layered. It takes a bit of time to get in and understand it at the various levels. So, I was more than a little surprised when I saw the game getting some negative comment and reviews. On reading those reviews it was clear that the reviewers hadn’t had the patience to really get into and understand those new levels and subtlety.

Sims is based around the ability to make what you want of your characters. All the usual facets are there and your Sim can be romantic, evil, paranoid, you are in complete control of his / her destiny and traits. You can make their dreams come true or banish them to the depths of despair! Do you want to be a rock star…or maybe a cat burglar, or how about a global leader…with all the corruption! This is what makes Sims so much fun and is what has made people become such ardent Sims fans over the years.

“All-new” “Karma Power” is one of the new features in this version of Sims 3. It’s an all or nothing power! You can give your Sim her heart’s desire or leave him destitute! It’s very powerful and can bring true love, God like beauty, riches and ultimate power…or it can strip you of everything. Once you get adept in its use you can even control the weather (oh, I wish). Be careful though, get it wrong and the Grim Reaper could well pay you an unexpected visit!

I really like that this version allows multi-player mode. So you can play with friends in the new co-op mode. But again you have to exercise caution. Like in most multi-player games friends can help or hinder. You can have up to four players in the “Life Moments Game” and you win by scoring reward points.

Beach Town is new in Wii Sims 3 and is a real innovation. This is really good fun as you can create your own Soap Opera. I really don’t know how some of those reviewers didn’t think this was just amazing fun! With loads of new features such as new careers, residents, traits and life wishes you can create your own Beach community where you are the soap star. How do you treat the other residents and what dramas do you cause? Your choice…just brilliant.

As I said The Sims 3 on Wii lets you create your own character with unique personality, desires and life goals – and I really liked the new mini-challenges like trying to get your first kiss or find your best friend for life.