Wireless USB Hub – Free Yourself From Cable Clutter!

Wireless USB was created for laptop users allowing the device to go into sleep mode when the connection is not being used. This allows for little to no power being drained from the laptop batteries.

A Wireless hub can also be used on desktop PC’s to allows you to connect to your USB peripherals without the wires or the “cable clutter”. Once installed, the Wireless hub will eliminate the searching, untangling, and general mix-up associated with the tangle of USB cables on your computer.

Wireless USB gives you the convenience of Plug-and-Play USB connectivity and the benefits of wireless.


What can I use a Wireless USB Hub for?

On both a laptop and desktop you will need a Host adapter that plugs into your existing USB port. The wireless USB hub can be located locally (usually less than 30 feet from the computer).

There are many uses for the wireless hub, you can connect to a variety of devices such as:

– keyboard,
– mouse,
– printer,
– camera,
– MP3 player,
– external HDD’s,

The list can go on, but you can see that this handy little device can be indispensable and end cable clutter!

Technical information on Wireless USB Hub.

Although the wireless USB hub is a simple device to purchase and install, there are som